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Happy Clients


25+ years of combined experience

With 25+ years of combined experience in the wholesale industry, Guardium's products are crafted with the ideology of helping individuals across the world.  We have something for everyone, and the savings we provide help to fuel sustainability and imagination by making them accessible to anyone.

Our Mission

Building stronger businesses together through unified wholesale excellence & experience.

Our Vision

As we continue to evolve, the products we provide will continue the evolution process alongside us. 

Fast Delivery

With quick and efficient service, you can enjoy less delivery times.

Sustainable Solutions

Discover eco-friendly products dedicated to a sustainable world.

24/7 Online Support

We provide an umatched level of customer satisfaction.


Our team is trained for best in class handling of your freight.

Guardium Group of Companies

Explore Our Diverse Ventures, Shared Values

Explore the dynamic and interconnected world of our group of companies. Discover the synergy that propels us forward as we continue to shape the future through our diverse ventures.

Guardium Logistics

With our logistics expertise, customer centric work ethics and focused logistics solutions we are your one stop logistics, courier and warehousing service provider for Western Canada.

Guardium Security

Guardium Security Services provides a wide range of security services with emphasis on customer satisfaction using industry leading practices and state-of-the-art technologies.

Guardium Technologies

Specializing in digital marketing, web design, data security and protection, we develop cutting-edge software to safeguard sensitive information from cyber threats.